For Men: How often should I cut my hair or get my haircut?

Having a solid understanding of necessary haircut frequency can help you get on track with looking your best rather effortlessly.

The main factors to weigh here are 1 – the length of your hair 2 – the style of your hair. Whenever you are ready for a radical change and have decided you are ready to go through with it, it is time! In other case, when keeping with your usual suspect of a hair style consider the length of your hair.
A simple general guide is this: If any part of your hair is a half of an inch or shorter cut it every one to two weeks, for every additional inch add about a week per inch of length, at four inches in length, cut it monthly, at eight inches every eight weeks.
Hair Length                                          Cut Every
Less than Half of an Inch                     1 - 2 Weeks
1 Inch                                                   2 - 3 Weeks
2 Inches                                               3 Weeks
3 Inches                                               3 - 4 Weeks/Monthly
4 Inches                                               4 Weeks/Monthly
5 Inches                                               5 Weeks
6 Inches                                               6 Weeks
7 Inches                                               7 Weeks
8 Inches                                               8 Weeks
On average hair grows at a rate of about an inch per month. Keep in mind, growth shows more substantially with short hair than longer hair. Quite rapidly short hair will grow out of the crisp hair framing and edging and move into a messier look.


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