Understanding Pomade - What is it? Who Should Use It?

JAX Explains Pomade: What it is, when to use it and more. Find out if Pomade is the right hair styling product for your hair type, hair style and desired look.

What Makes a Men’s Hair Product a Pomade?
Pomade is a thick, waxy and water-based hair product that has a shiny or slick finish. Due to the thickness and wax like substance of a pomade its finish helps hair to take form and keep its form – which can mean helping hair to achieve well defined curls or waviness as well as keeping straight hair straight.

How will Pomade make my hair look? Pomade has a wet-like, shiny finish and textured finish that maintains a pliable or flexible hold.  A benefit of this finishing style is that a pomade doesn’t dry out – which means it also doesn’t harden and flake. Pomade is a product that lasts. It has a long-lasting hold that lasts longer than most other products.

Pomade Looks & Hair Styles
Pomade is masterful in providing structured hair, messy hair looks and well-organized hair. Pomade has replaced the need for mousse. Pomade can achieve the mousse finish without being crunchy, crispy or hard.

Pomade Hair Finish
Low Shine when applied to dry hair
High Shine when applied to wet hair
Glossy Finish
Pliable, Flexible Hold

Pomade Scent
Pomades can be unscented or scented. JAX Pomade has a men’s clean scent.

Washing Pomade out of Your Hair
Although pomades seem wax-like, they are typically water based so they wash out more easily - JAX Pomade is Water-Based.

Pomade is the Right Product for
Sculpted hair styles
Makes the pompadour
Wet look hair styles

Hair Types that are well Styled with Pomade
All Hair types
Straight hair
For short hair
Medium length hair
For fine hair
For thick hair
Versatile hair types and styles

How to Apply Pomade to Your Hair (Wet or Dry)
Apply to wet or dry hair. For less shine and a stronger hold apply to dry hair. For a more flexible hold and high shine, apply to wet hair.

Put dime sized amount of pomade in the palm of your hand. Work the pomade on your fingertips. Start at the roots of your hair and pull your fingers upwards to the tips of your hair to work the pomade into your hair. Styles as desired.  For combed hair styles, utilize a comb or finishing brush to position or form your hair as desired.

Benefits of Pomade
Long lasting moisture
Doesn’t flake

How Strong is the Hold of a Pomade?
Pomade has a medium hold that is flexible. Pomade holds hair in place, without “permanently” locking them in place. Pomade provides the flexibility for hair to be adjusted at any time with a comb, brush, fingers or hands.
Stronger than hair Cream, less strong than a strong holding Gel and Fiber

Characteristics and Results of Pomade – Find what you are looking for
JAX has accumulated the many words used to describe our products and shares them here to help you identify the qualities you are looking for. If you don’t see what you are looking for, reach out to us on Facebook (@JAXnolimits) so we can address your needs.

Water based
Water soluble
Good smelling

Best shine (apply to wet hair for most shine)
Low shine (apply to dry hair for low shine)
High shine

Hair types
For regular hair
For thin hair
For fine hair
For thick hair
For short hair
For curly hair                                                          
For medium length hair

Hair Looks
Messy hair look
Wet look (when applied to wet hair)
Dry spike (when applied to dry hair)
Dry hair look
Textured hair look
Sculpted look
Combed back look
Brushed look
Medium hold, low shine (apply to dry hair for low shine)
Medium hold, high shine (apply to wet hair for high shine)

Finish and Hold
Matte finish
Matte look
Natural look
Natural hair look
For natural look
Medium pomade
Medium hold
Flexible Hold


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